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General Insurance

What is General Insurance

General Insurance policy focuses on providing a cover on the assets you nominate, so that in the case of urgent requirements you are not financially overburdened.


For instance if your Car meets with an accident which is costing you around a sum of 20,000 rupees and at same time you need to urgently pay your child’s college fees, at that time general insurance for your particular asset will help your expenses.
General Insurance works according to the policy limits and conditions. It is important to know that General Insurance covers the losses only during the policy period.

Types and Benefits

Now that we are aware about what a General Insurance is, let us know why it has become an immediate requirement!
To have a financially risk-free life, General Insurance can be an asset.
General Insurance can cover you in the following mentioned cases:

Car Damages

Uninvited car damages can cause a hefty blow on your pockets. Nominating your car as an asset for General Insurance can provide you with financial relief!


General Insurance covers the health bills and expenses incurred due to hospitalisation can be claimed when you have taken up an Insurance policy for your health.

Business Security

General Insurance provides protection against unrequired risks that might disrupt a smooth business. The premium amount for the Insurance policy depends upon the type of business and risk exposure.


General Insurance covers protection against theft, burglary, earthquakes and floods. Policy contains protection for the structure as well as the inner contents of the property.


Travel comes with lots of adventure but possibilities of theft, passport loss, injury or expenses with flight delay. Having a travel Insurance policy can save your travel and time.


Damages to mobile phones can create unnecessary financial stress and sometimes cost you a hefty amount. Also you can buy Insurance for both a new and an old device and be stress free.

Would the policy cost more if a person has a history of smoking?

If you are a smoker, you have a higher risk of death than a non-smoker, other things remaining the same. Hence, as a term insurance applicant you would be asked about your use of tobacco products in the last 5 years. Owing to your risky lifestyle and a higher probability of death related to smoking, you are charged a somewhat higher premium. However, the premium, although slightly higher is still available at a reasonable price and buying a life insurance is highly recommended.

If I smoke do I need to declare myself as a tobacco user?

You may not be a habitual smoker however, if you have smoked in the last 5 years you need to declare yourself as a smoker. If you withhold this information to the insurance company, there are chances you might be held accountable later, your policy may be considered null and void and your family may even be denied policy benefits on your death.

Can I change the duration of life cover once the policy has been issued to me?

No the duration cannot be changed once the policy has been issued to you.

Are there any benefits for female applicants?

Yes, benefits come in the form of lower premium rates and coverage of critical illnesses like breast cancer and cervical cancer.

What happens in case of the untimely demise of the insured, within one year of the policy purchase? Will the claim be settled still?

Yes, the claim will be settled, even if death occurs within a year of policy issuance.

What happens in the case my claim gets rejected and my nominee wants to re-apply?

Certain situations may occur when a claim is rejected due to a mismatch in policy documents or some other reason. The nominee can re-apply for the claim by approaching the grievance redressal cell of Insurer and can expect a speedy reply to resolve the claim.

I bought term insurance before marriage and now want to make my spouse a nominee, can I make the change?

Yes, you have the chance to change your nominee to your spouse after marriage. You may be required to submit supportive document valid ID proofs, that will benefit the nominee at the time of claims.