As per Geo-political situation, PE/PB/BY/EY/ etc and many news reports Mkt seems to be getting into a phase and period of long awaited healthy correction. Maybe rpt Maybe so, becoz data of other Asian mkts is still intact/positive and surprisingly a very very positive data emerging from Indian macro economy indicators and heartening Survey findings of Delhi achieving herd immunity against Covid-19(more on it later/weekend) At the same time all mkts do go through many such false peaks ‘n’ No of times before actually peaking out. Suggest Please take the news as well as some celebrity analyst’s advise with a pich of salt. Also, let me know, How many of these experts have ever been able to predict any of the previous mkt peak and/ or crash. And these are the same set of people who suggested a false peak in Jul-Aug/10000Nifty levels. Hope they are aren’t going through FOMO-FOLO-Desperation. Yes, few data pts are confusing and may be taken as suggesting that the moves in imdt future may be fairly wild, sharp and swift and we will continue to see sector rotation as well as routine shaking up of weaker hands. By definition: Any move of upto -20% from recent mkt top (ie upto11700 Nifty in present case) will be considered as healthy and desired correction. Thus, same shouldn’t be a cause of concern for long term Investors having holding period>5yrs with correct asset allocation.


Our Investments at FINVISION have factored for this through indl Financial goal based Asset allocation + Diversification. And will do the necessary changes/ realignment as and when required and as we kept doing during the Covid-19 crisis.

Team FINVISION remains committed and will ensure that you remain on the course of achievement of your defined Financial goals and Portfolios remain in the defined volatility/ risk boundaries.


Since emotions cannot be back tested. Therefore, all past Bear market’s seems lost opportunities and the future ones Scary– Ben Carlson

Yes, you can sell today and buy later. But could you do that in Covid-19 dip!!?

In the mkt worst mistake you can commit is to buy or sell based on current newspaper reports – Warren Buffett

Therefore, Be optimistic, have faith and remain in market. And if not yet invested be courageous and start investing in every dip.

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