As we bid adieu to FY 2023-24, we are delighted to reflect on our remarkable journey and achievements. With gratitude, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to all our investors and armed forces fraternity for your unwavering support in our success. Throughout the year, we’ve surpassed milestones, overcome challenges, and forged ahead with resilience and determination.
As we step into the new FY, we invite more from the fraternity to embark on this journey with us.
Together, let’s seize investment opportunities, drive innovation, and shape a future filled with prosperity and growth. Join us as we chart a course for another year of collaboration and excellence.

Let’s Grow Together with Finvision

Major highlights of FY 2023-24:

1. Finvison Financial Services witnessed Investor Growth

2. AUM Breakup Asset Allocation (AUM)- Finvision has reported an impressive 98% surge in AUM during the last fiscal year (FY) 2024. This signifies a significant increase in the total value of client assets entrusted to the company for management.

3. Top families

4. Top Investors

5. Competitor Analysis- Finvision emerges as a market leader, offering unparalleled value and performance to its clientele.


(i) For Armed forces officers and fraternity: We’re committed to empowering our forces fraternity with financial literacy through nationwide sessions. Our unique approach includes one-on-one interactions at defence formations, institutions and stations, ensuring their financial queries are addressed directly, complemented by free monthly webinars. We meticulously planned over 40 financial literacy seminars and workshops, reaching over 8,000 members of the Armed Forces fraternity.

(ii) For Youth and Next Gen: Our focus on the younger generation extends to live webinars tailored to their needs, fostering financial empowerment and knowledge. Additionally, we conduct interactive sessions at colleges, providing valuable insights and guidance, as well as making them aware of armed forces all at no cost.
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(iii) For Women empowerment: Empowering women is at the core of our mission. Through specially curated webinars and seminars, we aim to equip women with essential financial skills and knowledge, enabling them to navigate and thrive in today’s world. Our commitment to providing free consultations and resolving queries ensures accessibility and support for all.

(iv) Financial Awareness through Digital domain: Throughout FY 2023-24, Finvision hosted 12 monthly webinars on the last Sunday of each month, reaching 2,000+ Armed Forces officers and families with financial literacy. Additionally, we regularly share various resources such as blogs, YouTube videos, and infographics to keep investors updated, fostering informed decision-making.

(v) Running for a Cause:
We believe in celebrating while giving back. That’s why #TeamFinvision partnered with High2Low for a marathon on the momentous occasion of India’s 77th Independence Day. Running alongside our community was a fantastic way to add another vibrant chapter to our story of engagement and support.

2023 was a year of making a difference, and we’re excited to see what the future holds!

Happy Investing!📉😄

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Disclaimer: Past performance is not an indicator of future returns and all investments are subjected to market risk. Investment should always be based on an individual investor’s financial goals, risk appetite and investment horizon.