As we reflect on the achievements of 2023, we are optimistic about the opportunities that 2024 holds for us and you. Your continuous support fuels our drive to excel, and we are excited to navigate the future together.
In 2023, we navigated through dynamic market conditions, leveraging our expertise to deliver consistent and reliable returns on your investments. The financial landscape has presented its challenges, but with your trust and our commitment to excellence, we have successfully weathered the storms and capitalised on opportunities, achieving outstanding outcomes (much higher than any in competition) for all our investors.

Thank you once again for entrusting Finvision with your investments. Wishing you a joyous and prosperous New Year!

Finvision journey so far (in 2023)

Snapshots of our Investor’s portfolios
Above all…
“We don’t chase returns. We work to manage risks, and returns are a by-product”

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Finvision chronicles

Our Events in 2023:
Embarking on a transformative journey in 2023, Finvision orchestrated a symphony of impactful activities and initiatives that echoed across the armed forces fraternity and diverse landscape of India. Events included:
 1. Meticulously curated series of 40+ Financial Literacy seminars for 8000+ members of the fraternity across India to include Army stations/ fmns from Assam to Gujarat, J & K to Secunderabad, and at Andaman & Nicobars islands. And also for the institutions at IIM Indore, IIM Lucknow, Welspun Group, FOSTIIMA & DRDO.
 2. In the digital realm, Finvision empowered 4000+ armed forces officers & families through our 12 monthly LIVE webinars (conducted on last Sunday of each month) and 15 on-demand online sessions. 
 3. Teamed up with High2Low, #TeamFinvision added a vibrant chapter to its narrative by taking part in a marathon on the auspicious occasion of the 77th Independence Day. 

What do we think about 2024 and the basis for realigning the portfolios for growth from here on?
  1. A year of multiple transitions
       – From high inflation to Disinflation
       – Bottoming global growth rate and a bullish setup for debt as RBI is likely to cut interest rates
       – Elections in India and the USA
2. Certain themes we are looking at:
       – Manufacturing
       – Real Estate and sectors benefiting from reducing interest rates
       – Consumption & Capital goods
       – Pharma & IT services
3. Key risks to watch out for:
– High crude oil prices & spike in inflation
      – Adverse political outcomes
      – Geo-political tensions

Here’s what our Investors are saying about us:

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Disclaimer: Past performance is not an indicator of future returns and all investments are subjected to market risk. Investment should always be based on an individual investor’s financial goals, risk appetite and investment horizon.