Have you recently started your career/ earnings and wish to know about Savings and Investments?
Have you recently retired or planning for a retirement soon? And looking for:
– Optimum investment of your retirement corpus?
– In a dilemma on commutation of pension?
– Worried about your overall financial health?
If yes, we at Finvision Financial Services, would be delighted to answer all of your queries, and invite you for this insightful Webinar on:

“Financial & Retirement Planning”
Date: 26/03/2023 (Sunday)
Time: 7:00 PM
Keynote Speaker:
Col Sandeep Mahalwar (retd)
Founder & CEO
Finvision Financial Services

Aspects to be covered in this interactive session are:-
1. Basic financial & retirement planning concepts and techniques.
2. Commutation calculations and benefits.
3. Which tax regime is beneficial for you.
4. Concept of Right vs Ideal asset allocation strategy to create wealth.
5. Traditional vs Safe Modern Investment Concepts and Loan management.
6. Details of Finvision 2-Bucket Strategy for Retirees to achieve short term goals and log-term growth.
7. Answers to all questions received through the Webinar Registration Forms.
Do register: https://forms.gle/qqjkNSWPc4jNrH25A and share the webinar link & information with friends for them to benefit.

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